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New product PlasmaMade in Cologne
Van der Sluis Group: Pioneers with added value

By Maarten Zegstroo

Everyone knows the brothers Martin and Kenny van der Sluis which invented PlasmaMade. An invention in which the family introduced themselves as real pioneers. Many people do not know that the organisation invent and develops many things on its own, such as the Silent Piatto, and some may not even know anything about PittCooking. In the editorial, we often discuss these kinds of companies. And we concluded: “Pioneers are an added value for the industry.” We recently spoke with Martin and Kenny van der Sluis about the upcoming LivingKitchen fair in Cologne, during which the enterprise will play out the PlasmaMade tremendously and present a new product.

During the previous LivingKitchen, PlasmaMade was still hosting its booth together with Dekker, Wave and PittCooking in the praised “Hollandse Hoek” (Ed.: Dutch Corner). This time, PlasmaMade is ready to take the next step: the ambitions of the company reach beyond the Netherlands alone. The last few years, there have been clear signals that PlasmaMade is an organisation with international allure. Martin: “We have a great location in Hal 5.2 and are going to tackle it big time; you cannot miss our booth if you walk in the hall. But we didn’t have any other choice, really. All of our foreign agents are there as well. We need to give them the necessary space so they can do their rounds.” Martin showed us a drawing that surprised our editors tremendously. It’s an enormous open booth of 150 m2, and there won’t be any visitors passing by that aren’t curious if they do not know PlasmaMade yet. Martin: “Now is our time. TO develop new products for the Van der Sluis Group and to get occupied with great, new projects. But PlasmaMade itself is also ready to take the next big step. If we want to grow, we have to open a booth on this enormously popular spot.”

Successful 2016

In that respect, the company from Staphorst is undertaking a crescendo journey. A staggering 15.000 PlasmaMade filters were sold in 2016. In addition, Van der Sluis Group opened up a magnificent new headquarters, ready for a larger and brighter future. A property which indicates that Van der Sluis Group is looking ahead: in terms of space, further growth won’t be any problem. Stagnation is regression, that seems to be the motto of Martin and his Wife, Janita van der Sluis. Martin: “We’ve started working on new products again. We pioneer and search solutions for problems we have encountered in our life, or that we hear from the market.” It is a company to be proud of. PlasmaMade really stuck out its neck for the reputation of its plasma filter systems. Thus resembling the case of Quooker. Coincidentally (or in fact not? Ed.) also an independent pioneer. Being independent still really is an advantage in some cases.

Major producers are welcome

Still, Martin van der Sluis sometimes thinks it’s a pity that there a no large players yet that have come up with a good alternative for the existing plasma filters (from PlasmaMade and its competitors Ed.). “Competitors are more than welcome. Especially when it involves a large player. A large producer would actually benefit us, because we, as a small company, still are the ones responsible for the marketing and branding of plasma filters. We could really use a big name to help us out… as long as we’re talking about a reliable company, of course.”

In the meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly difficult for large players to enter the market and manoeuvre themselves besides PlasmaMade. Especially after the company won the National Business Success Award in the air purification industry. Martin van der Sluis is immensely proud of this endeavour: “We are not only the leading company, but at the same time one of the best companies in the field of air purification. We have won thanks to our company philosophy and innovative PlasmaMade Airfilter. PlasmaMade leaves 18 other companies far behind in its tracks. The jury praises and appreciates the enterprise mostly because of our vision and mission, market approach and product & service development. According to the National Business Success Award Institute, PlasmaMade rightfully belongs to one of the most successful companies in the Netherlands.

PlasmaMade also finds its way to industrial and other B2B applications. When we are taking a tour of the premises, Kenny show us a container filled to the brim with PlasmaMade filter. “We used this container at a fair recently. At this fair, it was customary to serve fried food at the end of the day. This fair had two halls. Before the arrival of our container, both halls smelled like frying oil. But after we placed the container in one of the halls and left it running during the night, you couldn’t smell anything the next day. These are the situations that make us proud, and are yet another confirmation that our filter clearly works.”

And the company will never take it easy. Kenny: “We are constantly working on the further development of our filter. In addition, there are novelties, and also some other products we are working on. But you’ll hear from that later on.”

Presentation new PlasmaMade product

However, the company will present a new product of PlasmaMade during the LivingKitchen fair in Cologne. Martin: “It is good that we are also showing the international business community that we in recent years have only been focused on the further development and expansion of our product portfolio in the field of filters. That we have a solution for all problems, or busy working on a solution. Thus the introduction of this new product. Our customers know that we only present something when the new product will offer an added value. And that’s exactly what we believe in, because this product has been patented as well. KBT already received an exclusive presentation and can be brief about what Van der Sluis Group displayed. As a branche, you should really be very happy that these kind of pioneers still exist. Pioneers often invent remarkable products, and Van der Sluis Group is certainly of them.

You can visit the booth of PlasmaMade during the LivingKitchen fair in Cologne from the 16th till the 22th of January in Hall 5.2, Booth B20/C21. The new innovation from PlasmaMade, along with all existing products, will there be presented to the public.