Market leader PlasmaMade offers existing customers free update

PlasmaMade general
PlasmaMade became market leader in the Netherlands and Europe in just five years. The revolutionary air filters are distributed from Staphorst all over the world.
Consumers embraced the innovative air cleaning filter that is placed on top of an extraction hood. The filter does not only eliminates cooking odors, but also continuously purifies the air and thus guarantees an optimal indoor climate. PlasmaMade is now expanding on its success with a new update for the software of the filters. Existing customers also benefit from this service update. PlasmaMade offers every owner this update for free!
The technology
“A PlasmaMade transforms a extraction hood into a high-end air cleaner. The filter eliminates all particulate matter from the air. To facilitate this, we combine smart electronics with plasma technology, an electrostatic filter and ionisation “, explains CEO Martin van der Sluis.
PlasmaMade is the solution for odors, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungi, harmful gasses, tar and cigarette smoke, nicotine, dust mites, animal dander and dog and cat hair. The worldwide patented technology passes the toughest tests and meets all requirements and international standards and laws.

Unique in the world
This self-developed technology makes PlasmaMade unique in the world. For example, the filter is essential in new homes from 2021 and onwards. In 2021, new regulations are introduced. These regulations forbid to have a ventilation shaft to the outside of the house. Recirculation hoods are the solution to meet the new standards.
The new regulations aim to make houses more sustainable. A conventional extraction hood extracts the warmed air to the outside. This does not contribute to heat savings and is therefore not sustainable. That is why recirculation hoods are the future!

PlasmaMade works according to the recirculation principle and has a singular advantage compared to similar products. “We do not use carbon. Carbon saturates and therefore needs to be replaced regularly. Consumers are not bothered with that hassle with a PlasmaMade, “explains CEO van der Sluis. Also, other products in this market only consist of a few carbon mats and an ozone generator. Utilizing only carbon mats and an ozone generator is not sufficient to eliminate certain groups of particulate matter and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Therefore, these other products do not contribute to a healthier indoor climate.

PlasmaMade products are durable devices with excellent energy performance and are ideal for so-called passive houses. “From 2030, the performance of extraction hoods must also be included in the calculation of the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC). This way, PlasmaMade anticipates those regulations “, says CEO van der Sluis.

Extensive testing
As a market leader and innovator, PlasmaMade continuously invests in research into further
improvements. At PlasmaMade’s own laboratory, researchers work every day on possible developments and product improvements.
PlasmaMade works closely with distinguished international research institutes, such as TNO and the European government. With this approach our development cycle has the strongest possible foundation. CEO van der Sluis: “We are market leader with the best and safest products in the world. Our strategy ensures our leading position.
With our drive to innovate, we continuously anticipate changing customer requirements and new regulations. We began as a supplier of filters for extractor hoods and we transformed ourselves over the years into a professionally certified institute for air purification.
In partnerships with other ventures, we are investigating solutions for VOCs and particulate matter. ”

European regulations
The urge for further improvements resulted in an important update in 2017. A PlasmaMade filter will shut down automatically, should a user forget this. In this way the manufacturer prevents the exceptional scenario that the filter can exceed the standards after 24 hours of continuous operation. This reprogramming also extends the lifetime of the filter.

With this simple adaptation of the software PlasmaMade immediately meets the latest requirements of the European government. “The government determined that all international institutes must apply a different method of testing. PlasmaMade is now the first to meet these new requirements and we are proud of that. We are ready for the future.”

Free update
“PlasmaMade is and remains the best air filter on the market”, is the conviction of CEO van der Sluis.
According to CEO van der Sluis, all consumers are entitled to a perfect product. Hence, the decision to offer existing customers a free update.
“We do not make concessions and we stand for safety, quality and durability of our product. That is why we believe that every customer is entitled to have a filter with the latest techniques. This also applies to customers who bought a PlasmaMade before 2017. We consider this as a service.”

Customers who purchased a PlasmaMade before 2017 will check on if they are eligible for the free update. This website also contains all further information about the procedure. After registering on that website, you will receive further instructions on what to do next.

PlasmaMade foresees a future with interesting developments. With a sound business strategy in place, PlasmaMade will be able to sustain its position as a market leader. Not the world’s largest, but the world’s leading circular company in the field of air cleaning and recirculation.
Plasmamade must act as a knowledge institute for current and future clean air challenges. PlasmaMade works with a solution based approach and aims to operate on the highest scientific level. We do not follow the trend, we set the trend.

If you want to do business with PlasmaMade, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our team.