PlasmaMade best purifier

PlasmaMade is the best air purifier in the Netherlands

PlasmaMade is the winner of the National Business Success Award in the field of Air Purification. The entreprise thus gets a shot at the title of ‘Most innovative business 2016’ and the corresponding cash prize of € 100.000.

Executives Martin and Janita van der Sluis are proud of the achieved success. “We’re not only the leading enterprise, but also one of the best organizations in the field of air purification. We’ve won the award thanks to our corporate philosophy and our innovative PlasmaMade Airfilter.”
PlasmaMade leaves 18 other companies far behind in its industry. The jury praises and appreciates the business mainly because of its vision and mission, market approach and product & service development. According to the National Business Success Award Institute, PlasmaMade rightly belongs to the most successful companies in the Netherlands.

Martin carries out his mission everywhere he goes. He aims on clean air in every home and seeks to ensure a healthy indoor climate at minimal cost. The PlasmaMade Airfilter, the invention of Martin and his brother Kenny, is mounted in the extractor hood and cleans the air in a short amount of time. All impurities and contaminants in the air are destroyed, from dust and pollen to bacteria, smoke and viruses.
“In addition, the filter blows the clean air back into the room. That recirculation ensures a positive environmental impact and makes us a green company. Thanks to recirculation, we do not penalize the durability of houses, while formal construction agreements simply keep quite on the extractor hood technique.
Meanwhile, the filter is also finding its way to industrial applications., where it used for the transport of perishable goods in containers, in the optimization of the air quality at cheese producers and other food processes.

This National Business Success Award is not the first nomination. PlasmaMade finished 28th in the top 100 SMEs in 2015, was fourth in the Columbus Trophy, received the Accenture Innovation Award, was nominated for the King Willem 1 Prize and for the Herman Wijfels Innovation Award 2016.

Martin concludes: “In the short term, we receive a lot of media attention and afterwards we’ll fight to finish first in the National Business Success Award. We won’t know until February 2017 if we’ve won.


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