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The theme of this magazine is “we will continue.” If that for one company from application is in this turbulent corona times, then it is PlasmaMade: the company from founder and director Martin van der Sluis. So does he together with TU Eindhoven research for quite some time to air quality and air cleaning and or its PlasmaMade filter is the solution for coronavirus-free interior spaces. Further he makes together with good ones neighbor Henk, Air Cleaners and he produced at the beginning of the corona crisis 3.6 million surgical masks in China for the healthcare sector in our country.

“We are actually still doing the same as eight years ago. Clean air with electrical filters. You don’t only see air, that’s why we often think of it will be fine. But clean air will become more and more important. Realize that we feel much more at this time.” The word “we” in this case is also his brother Kenny. Together they form with a small number of employees, PlasmaMade. Martin started as an independent entrepreneur in 2002. In 2004 it turned out that his son had asthma. He went then delve into air cleaning. So began in 2012 PlasmaMade.
Global player
The company has “only” about ten FTEs, but is increasingly becoming a global player. This was mainly due to the invention of the PlasmaMade filter. It fits in every extractor hood and cleans the air in an instant. Not just the cooking air, it also filters sweat smells, cigarette smoke, bacteria, pollen and even viruses. Besides clean air also saves the filter a lot of energy. “Most extractor hoods actually cost a lot energy and do not filter everything out of the air.
And they don’t reclaim heat, in fact that is blown out into the open air. The PlasmaMade filter puts an end to this thanks to the so-called recirculation technique. That is ventilate, but also purify the air at the same time. mountain clean air, ”explains Martin. “A lot of people think you ventilate because of the open windows. That only works if it very windy. If not, you just get among other things fine dust inside. If you have the PlasmaMade for a while let it run and keep the windows closed, then only has it become healthy and cleansed indoor climate.”

His invention was a huge success and became worldwide sold. Investors offered a lot of money, it gave PlasmaMade definitively has predecessor status, but Van der Sluis keeps his cards to his chest. “We do what we do. decisiveness There is apparently an increasing need. Everything we do starts with research and has also to do with advancing insight. ”
“For example, we have opposite our building on the Achthoevenweg bought land for the construction of a huge production hall. We get the Plastic ABS from China, is then placed in a large assembly plant in Veendam continued to work on our product. These are now like sixteen enthusiastic boys and girls, and every month we expand this only after intensive training at PlasmaMade! Then the filters come back in Staphorst, where they are packed and all over
shipped worldwide. ”

PlasmaMade is doing well on all sides. “In the Netherlands, turnover is already around ten million annual basis. The corona crisis led to the beginning a sharp decline in work and therefore revenues. In Europe we are becoming a major player. My ambition is an international turnover of 100 million euros within three years. We are therefore looking to a nice bright future at PlasmaMade. ”
“At the same time, the corona crisis also has a big one impact on all of us. In any case, let’s follow the directions of the government as much as possible. Look after each other and especially keep looking for the connection with you loved ones ”, Van der Sluis concludes stay healthy.

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